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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls - (SPOILERS)

Please. The story of Christ isn't popular because it's somehow humane (it isn't), it's popular because it's a get out of death and guilt free card, a fable that promises complete happiness in the passivity of an afterlife, attainable simply through submission.
If that's really what you think, Trent, then I can assure you that you do not understand Christians or their beliefs one bit. You are well describing fundamentalists, extremists, people who exploit their religion to justify cruelty. You are not well describing the majority of Christians -- and certainly not my family, who are mostly Christian.

And I say that as an Atheist who's gotten into more than a few arguments with Christians, including family, about the validity of their faith. Whatever I may think of it, though, most of them hold their religion on the basis of a fundamental altruism -- ETA: and a fundamental sense of responsibility (often manifested as guilt and a desire to somehow right the wrongs they have committed) for their actions, end edit -- you aren't accounting for, and many who hold it are motivated by it to try to change the world for the better -- a behavioral paradigm far gone from your claim it promotes passivity. To claim that the story is popular because it promotes, in essence, irresponsibility and passivity is demonstrably false.
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