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Re: 2009 Fall Book Preview With Covers

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If Trek goes Trade, I hope nobody buys them. I hope they tank.
Oh, that's a nice sentiment to express on a forum frequented by people whose livelihood depends on people buying Trek books! So you want us all to go broke just because you don't like a particular format? How compassionate of you.

And if, as Defcon says, you mostly read eBooks, why should you care whether the hardcopy books are in MMPB or trade?
I know I love paying almost twice as much for what is essentially the same content. Decisions like these are why I went from buying practically everything Pocket publishes with 'Star Trek' on the cover to buying only certain books.
1) It's NOT the same content. With two exceptions, Treason and Romulan War, every trade so far is a story collection of some kind with a much higher word count than a normal novel.

2) Treason doesn't count either; the previous three NF books were published in hardcover. That makes the trade actually cheaper.

3) Romulan war doesn't count either. It was originally two MMPBs, maybe three. Making the trade, again, actually cheaper.

4) You're really saying that this is annoying you now? In the Ordover years, he routinely divided one story across several MMPB books. THAT was paying twice as much for essentially the same content. Recently, books have been far longer, giving way more content for the same price.
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