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Re: Do continuity errors/contradictions in TrekLit bother you?

Have to say the errors are annoying and fun at the same time. Trying to rationalize everything is something that I tried to do for years, but recently I'm more in the mold of accepting when errors or continuity issues pop up and promoting the "Parallels" viewpoint. If something contradicts something else, it happened in a different reality, which is fine by me. Trying to find all of the discontinuities and counting all of the different trek realities out there would be really cool.

The example that comes to mind for me was the death of Gul Madred by one writer and then the use of Madred in chronologically later story by a different writer. I just don't see why stuff like that has to happen.

If works that deviate from others books are promoted and marketed as a different timeline/reality thats fine, but I always hope and expect everything to fit.

It all doesn't fit, "Parallels" serves as a good foundation for any mistakes/continuity issues/problems that come up.
The Enterprise DID have a second Five Year Mission between 2273 and 2278. Just use a little imagination.
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