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If bridge commander released way back in 2002 could do decent ship to ship 3D space battles i wonder whey they chose not to do it now in STO.

And i would have thought a player character bridge control team might also be optional, I'm sure the first thing everybody thought when they heard STO MMO was getting together with some mates and running the ship from the bridge, and would having this one player only controlling the ship not then turn the game into a single player game type experience, which sort of negates the whole MMO thing.

The plot thickens.
Because of the amount of data they'd need to kep track of. This is't a single player enviroment on a local stand alone PC - this is a MASSIVE (probably 1000 or more people concurrently playing on one server at a time) multiplayer enviroment that has to send data over the internet in real time. Honestly, it's apple and oranges, and they probably want the largest 'bang' per server CPU cycle, and tracking in a tre 3D enviroment really amps up what the server is handling as it tracks player objects.
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