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Re: What Did You Have For Dinner Last Night?

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^ You're welcome Just checked ~ it's 500g of minced beef, just the usual supermarket packet size. That should make enough easily for 4 people.

Yeah, I always use like 600 grams or so when I make lasagna. But then again, I think my recipe (very similar to yours except I have lots more cheese and no wine in it) serves like 5-6 people atleast.
That's what I love about lasagne ~ you just change it to what you like
Do you put a layer of cheesey sauce in between layers? I find this makes it a bit sloppy?

I make a bolognese sauce, and a bechamelsauce (milk/butter/flour to make it thicker. Spice it up with garlic, (creamcheese if i have it) salt and pepper. Then I just layer it with white sauce, lasagnaplates, meatsauce, lasagnaplates, white sauce+ CHEESE, bolognese, plates, bolognese, plates. Whitesauce and VERY MUCH cheese.

That is a whole lot of everything in the lasagna. But the trick is to let it wait a while before cutting into it. Then the sauce settles a bit
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