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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls - (SPOILERS)

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During Voyager, 7 of 9 was established several times as having the entire knowledge of the borg - in "Think Tank", for example. Even if this was a hyperbole - and nothing in the episode indicated it - she is an expert on the borg. Her opinion caries more weight than mine or yours - by far.
Um, no, the opinions of a fictional character on fictional matters are always going to carry less weight than the opinions of one of the authors who controls what she thinks and what happens with that fictional matter she thinks about. To try to claim that a fictional character is more knowledgeable about a subject than her own writers is just absurd.

About "Before Dishonor" - in "Mere Mortals" it was established that the only way these standard borg could have the advanced nanite technology is by receiving the necessary information from the offshoot supercube borg.
I believe that what Christopher was saying was that the Borg Supercube from Resistance/Before Dishonor had developed that adaptation independently of the rest of the Collective, and that therefore even if it was unable to transmit that adaptation to the rest of the Collective, the rest of the Collective would have the same potential to undergo that adaptation that that cube had had.

What happened with the superborg from "Before Dishonor" was a freak accident, something ridiculously improbable that won't happen again.
You are literally just making stuff up now. Nothing about that was a "freak accident." It was an adaptation that that cube developed and that, therefore, any other cube could potentially develop independently.
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