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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls - (SPOILERS)

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I question ProtoAvatar's assumption that a thalaron weapon would even work on the Borg.
It's not my assumption. It's 7 of 9's - who knows more about the borg than me, you or any other real person can ever hope to find out.
She knows as much as a drone would know. Which is considerable compared to an outsider's knowledge, but hardly omniscient. And the events of Before Dishonor are not conjecture; within the context of the post-NEM TNG book line, they're historical fact. We know what can happen when Borg technology is deprived of its organic half, and we know it's potentially even worse than the intact Borg.

Besides, who's to say Seven of Nine thinks more clearly about the Borg than Picard does? She was a victim of them for far longer than he was, and she's long since outgrown her Stockholm Syndrome. Individual opinions don't trump documented evidence, because individuals can have any number of reasons for holding biased or distorted opinions.
During Voyager, 7 of 9 was established several times as having the entire knowledge of the borg - in "Think Tank", for example. Even if this was a hyperbole - and nothing in the episode indicated it - she is an expert on the borg. Her opinion caries more weight than mine or yours - by far.

About "Before Dishonor" - in "Mere Mortals" it was established that the only way these standard borg could have the advanced nanite technology is by receiving the necessary information from the offshoot supercube borg. What happened with the superborg from "Before Dishonor" was a freak accident, something ridiculously improbable that won't happen again.
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