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Re: Do continuity errors/contradictions in TrekLit bother you?

I think it does help that a ST book matters in a grander scheme of things these days.

The books are always going to get messed around by the films and series. I don't doubt that one day the current line isn't going to get completely screwed up because it now has more freedom and TV execs won't be reading them.

But while this new freedom from the TV and movies lasts I'd like to see the continuing adventures stay tight. Repercussions from one book will roll over into the others. More interesting stuff can happen without having to worry about a reset button.

As far as old ST goes at the moment, these books are the only thing surviving and as such the universe it is creating needs to be treat with more respect and long-distance thought than it needed to in the past now it has less fear of new movies.

I'm very impressed with the way this has been done over the past few years. If it all gets wiped from 'canon' then I don't think we will be too disappointed because it's solid enough on its own now.
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