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Re: Do continuity errors/contradictions in TrekLit bother you?

Steve Roby wrote: View Post
So... it depends. It doesn't necessarily ruin a book for me, but it can annoy me.
I like the rest of your post too, but it was too long to quote.

I definitely agree with your sentiments here. Especially if I'm reading old novels, contradictions with more current canon or novel continuity don't bother me at all. I love Strangers In The Sky, Federation, etc. But I do feel it's the job of an author & editor to make sure their book is consistent with what's come so far, and so if a book contradicts something in a prior book within that series or does something like you mentioned with Ship Of The Line, that will annoy me.

But even still, continuity errors aren't always irritating. I love that Sariel Rager happened to show up and be given two entirely different career paths in Titan: Taking Wing and TNG: Death In Winter. For whatever reason, I find that funny, not annoying.

But the bouncing around of characterizations in the TNG-R itself was incredibly frustrating, and I'm so happy that seems to be over.
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