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Re: Doctor Who: Who is the Doctor?

7. The Stolen Earth
Harriet Jones
The Daleks are coming. I hope that the message that we are sending gets through to you Doctor. I have always wondered, though Doctor. Who are you? Why is it that you go around meddeling with other's affairs? What happened to make you do this?

8. Turn Left
Donna Noble (Alternate)
The Doctor. Who is he that the Earth needs him? Who is this man who has apparently become indispensible to the universe itself? Who are you Doctor that you have apparently become the hero that humanity does not know about.

9. The Next Doctor
Jackson Lake
I step into the real Doctor's TARDIS, which I realise stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space, although I don't truely understand what that means. I look around, at the large space that fits into the small box. More incredible than anything else that I have seen since my first encounter with the Cybermen. I move towards the console, the memories, his memories, that it brings up being both joyous and sad. I realise that the Doctor is the last of his kind. His civilisation is lost? Was it destroyed? By those Daleks he mentioned? Who is he that he continues to journey after loosing so much? The TARDIS seems to be lonely with him. It too is the last of its kind. Its sadness is giving me a headache. I have to go. I decide to invite him to Christmas Dinner. He needs the company...
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