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Re: 2009 Fall Book Preview With Covers

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It's funny. I can so readily recall, when "Spock's World" was announced: it sounded like it was a once-only hardcover event; a "coming of age" for Star Trek tie-ins in novel form - and no one ever dreamed that it would even be offered in MMPB a year later.
Pretty much any novel that sells well in hardcover will come out in paperback eventually, and it usually takes a year or so. I don't remember thinking in 1988 that Spock's World would be any different.
I never really understood why it's a year before it's out in softcover. But here's something interesting: With jewish books, when they are released, both the hardcover and softcover are released simultaneously and thus giving buys the options on the spot. If only everyone else followed this tactic.
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