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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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I WASN'T talking about time travel I was talking about alternate realities, like the alternate reality which is exactly like and is for all intents and purposes the Prime universe except that Spock and Nero weren't pulled into the black hole and as such DID NOT go back in time.
Then I'm afraid I don't see the point you're trying to make, because Spock and Nero obviously did go back in time...
Yes in the universe that Trek XI takes place in, but in another universe in the Trek multiverse they didn't.

It's like this you come up to a fork in the road, in one universe you go right in another universe the branches off of yours you go left and both the universe where you go right and the newly created one where you go left both continue on their merry little ways both continuing to existing.

Now knowing this and the fact that Trek has shown that this is the case in the existance of alternate realities in their multiverse we now apply this factor to NuTrek, for this pupose I will refer to one universe as Abrams 1 and Abrams 2 to avoid confusion.


In the universe I am refering to as Abrams 1, in the year 2387 the Hobus star's supernova is threatening the universe. Spock Prime prevents this by detonating a drop of red matter in the star and thus causing a black hole that destroys said star, after this Spock and Nero the pissed off Romulan get pulled into the black hole and wind up in the past which is altered by Nero.

Now for the mind blowing part.

In the universe I'm calling Abrams 2 an alternate reality the branches off from Abrams 1, Spock Prime destroys Hobus, he and Nero are not pulled into the black hole and do NOT go back in time and Nero does NOT fuck up the time line.

In conclusion becuase a newly created universe branches off from the Prime universe inwhich Spock and Nero DON'T go back in time, the Prime Universe still exists and we can stop arguing about it.

This can also explain why Spock Prime doesn't try to restore the timeline becuase in the century since his last trip through time he picked he read up on quantum realities and how they are formed and figured his old timeline is still around in some form and figured trying to fix it probably wasn't worth the trouble since in some form IT STILL EXISTS.

Another possible theory is that since preventing the changes Nero inacted would be problematic at best and IMPOSSIBLE at worst and decided to affect damage control to the timeline ie possibly taking steps to make sure Kirk is the Enterprise's captain and finding a new home for the Vulcans to try to get the timeline at least close to its original state.

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