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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls - (SPOILERS)

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T'Lana was a dunce with no sense of what was appropriate to her situation, and meekly standing there as death rolled in was contemptible. I am reminded of Chewbacca, one of the first big characters to be killed in a tie-in: he died fighting, saving others, and as the moon of Sernpidal came crashing down upon him, tearing the world asunder, he didn't just sit there and pick at his nails, he howled his defiance to the last. There was no changing his fate, but damned if he was going to go out pusillanimously.

Or, closer to home, take Riker in Sky's the Limit (there's that expression again ), more specifically in 'Til Death. He was presented with the apparent inevitabilily of his death, told by Crusher there was nothing to be done except sit there and accept what would happen... and after some soul-searching, the never-say-die Riker we know and love comes to the fore, saying "Fuck this lying around--I'm going out fighting, making a difference". That's the attitude I admire. (Incidently, thinking of that anthology now, I feel it did such a better job capturing the characters; not just Riker, but the rest of the TNG crew.) Hell, even Arnold Rimmer knees Death in the groin.

Or, as Dylan Thomas might say: "Do not go gentle into that good night / Rage, rage against the dying of the light."
Well, for one thing T'Lana is Vulcan. In her culture, she would shame herself if she spent her last moments roaring defiance or showing any extreme emotion. Instead, she analyzed the situation, concluded death was inevitable, and stoicly accepted it. She died Vulcan, true to her culture.

Trent Roman wrote: View Post
I take issue with this. Picard has been wounded, certainly, but he has not failed--at least, not until the TNG-R decided to turn him into such a pathetic specimen. Yes, the Borg ripped a chunk out of their ass in the initial encounter, but that was hardly his fault, it was Q's. Yes, he was victimized by the Borg, but that wasn't his failure; indeed, Picard manages to overcome assimilation to speak to Data and contribute to the overall solution. In "I, Borg", which I notice wasn't on this list, Picard confronts his hatred for the Borg embodied in Hugh and overcomes it, with the help of his friends. In "First Contact", Picard confronts his lingering sense of vulnerability to the Borg that compells him to senseless aggression, and he overcomes it, with the help of Lily (which is a beautiful and resonant moment, really, when he quotes Moby Dick: Picard the warrior is tamed by Picard the scholar). Picard is no superman, he has, as I've said, been wounded and compromised by the Borg, but he has always found strength in himself and in his connection to others to overcome and defeat the Borg, physically and psychologically. Here? He persists, contemptibly, in behaving like a martinet, a nincompoop and ultimately a blubbering wreck.
Top repeat an earlier comment, and with respect: If you were essentially raped and enslaved, and your oppressors then swarmed in and began annihalating your entire civilization, you might have a breakdown too. Anyone might. What's contemptable about it?

Trent Roman wrote: View Post
I find that hard to believe. Dozens of billions are dead, entire planets (including Risa) have been eradicated, the infrastructure is in ruins, and every citizen now carries civilization-level trauma. They can try to rebuild (or I hope they will, anyway), but it will never be the same, never be as good--let alone better. How can it, when there is so much less?
It will rebuild, and it can be as good or better. The entirety of explored space has just had it finally pushed into their heads that unity is preferable to xenophobic mistrust. Compassion for the traumatized and reflection on what was lost can re-affirm the ties between citizens and cultures, create the foundation of a stronger Federation. Yes, Risa, Coridan, Deneva, Pandril, Yridia etc are irreplacable, but the Federation has a final duty to do them: ensure that life goes on and the galaxy prospers, to (if you'll forgive my becoming poetic) commemorate them.
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