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Re: 2009 Fall Book Preview With Covers

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I find it most irksome that trades have snuck in and replaced hardcovers over the last few years. I've always preferred hardcovers, if the book is available in hardcover I get it as hard cover. And I really hate trades, I can forgive the larger scale of hardcovers because they're nice to hold, but trades are so darned floppy and unmanageable, bleh!
I think I agree most with this view. I prefer the hardcovers and I think it's a shame the Pocket has dropped the hardcover format and moved to Trades. I don't mind paying more to have a hardcover copy as long as the quality of the story is worth putting into hardcover. It used to be that when a book was released in hardcover the story was a little better quality but now I doubt that would be true as many of my very favorite books have come out in mass market only.

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