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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls - (SPOILERS)

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Obviously, we view the "Destiny" trilogy differently.
Trent sumarised accurately my opinion about the books:

"It isnít a quest story, or a mystery, or an epic, where characters are expected to solve the problems that confront them; no, this, to my disgust, is a story of deliverance. Itís more than the idea that Picard, Riker and so on donít actively contribute to solving the problem: itís that the problem is so huge that these mere mortals cannot possibly be expected to solve it in the first place, and must instead make recourse to a higher power, those gods of night, whose technological acumen borders on the divine, thanks to a half-human, half-Ďdivineí messiah who sacrifices herself to the enemy."
I find your and Trent's views interesting, ProtoAvatar, and it is one I sympathise with as I have often expressed similar concerns with other fiction, and in the way our people tend to view things generally. However, while I'm sure this must be obvious by now , I didn't sense that in "Destiny" or in any Trek. If you did see it that way, I'm certainly not going to condemn your opinion, but, yes, I didn't have any problem with "Destiny"- I loved it.
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