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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls - (SPOILERS)

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There was a discussion on this forum about the morality of using thalaron weapons in the situation described in "Destiny".
What were the arguments on your side of the debate? Let's see:
-It's genocide against the borg - I strongly disagree. Every borg killed in this manner is an an enemy soldier on a genocidal mission. In other words it's pure self-defence.
-It would lead to an arms race in the alpha/beta quadrants - which, even if it happens, is a much better outcome than these two quadrants being sterilized, than trillions dying.
-Using thalaron weapons is an illegal order - Not really; President Bracco authorised the use of anything that could stop the borg.
-The borg will just bring more reinforcements from the other side of the galaxy - No they won't; they can't - not for the next 70-100 years or so - the subspace tunnels were destroyed, remember? 100 years is a long time in which to prepare, to evacuate beyond the Milky Way, if necessary. If the borg failed to destroy humanity in "destiny", they failed to destroy humanity (and the other species in Alpha/Bata). Period. It won't get a second chance.
-It will never work - well, we'll never know now, will we?
IIRC the Borg sent thousands of cubes to the Alpha quadrant.Assuming a 75% loss on the part of the Borg,that still leaves 2000 cubes that are practically indestructable by every weapon available including transphasic torpedoes.If the thalaron weapon took down 90% of the 2000 cubes left that still leaves you with 200 indestructible cubes roaming free ,and the Borg only need one cube to destroy a planet.

See,we do know what would happen:with the Thaleron weapon Starfleet has 3 days to anihilation instead of 12 hours.
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