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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

11:59 (****)

Wow, two quiet shows in a row! This is quite nice, a few laid-back character pieces side by side so that I don't go crazy with all the peril Voyager has found itself in recently.

I'm probably being a bit generous on the score but I found this to be an enjoyable hour about hero worship, and it also helps to fill in the back-story of the Star Trek universe and how it is different from our own. I'm interested in seeing how life played out in the very, very late 20th century in the Star Trek universe, and the Millennium Gate is a neat concept that I wouldn't mind seeing more of in future Trek.

And then there is an interesting character story about Shannon and Henry's bookshop. Actually, I'm not sure if his name really is Henry, that guy has the look of a con-man about him. And I'm glad that Shannon convinced Henry to give up his shop, I'd hate for the Millennium Gate to be built in Canton Ohio, that place sucks ass!

Future's End wrote:
JANEWAY: I don't know what my relatives were doing this far back in history.
OMG itz da suxor!!! This continuity error has raped my childhood!

Seriously, I'm not going to let a random line from a "fun" episode like Future's End ruin my enjoyment of 11:59. You're going to have to look for gross negativity elsewhere, perhaps my review of Coda...
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