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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls - (SPOILERS)

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Picard, Riker and the rest of the federation "pretended" to try to stop the borg.
To be more exact, they were content to trade transphasic torpedos with the borg, knowing that the collective will adapt. And when the borg finally adapted, thay just grabed their heades and screamed in desperation - as dignified as possible, of course.
Where was the creativity that permeated almost every Star Trek episode? Well, I guess Data was responsible for it. So much for the myth about machines having no creativity.

And for the first time in his career - as depicted on-screen - Picard was an incompetent cry-baby. Before - even when he faced the borg - he always managed to pull himself together.

And about the ending - I dislike not only the fact that it transformed humans into the playthings of the gods, second class citizens of the universe, but it also made the star trek universe a much darker place.

For example - In "A singular destiny", The Typhon Pact is introduced - an alliance of powers who were always hostile toward the Federation - and still are.
And, Sci - in "Losing the Peace", I doubt Picard was kidnapping governors because the situation was so rosy.

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La Forge's view is moral only for someone following an amish-like morality.
But, you see, both Picard and La Forge are in Starfleet - they swore to protect the Federation even if that means using deadly force against the aggressors - like in the Dominion War. By refusing to use deadly force against the borg, Picard and La Forge betrayed their Starfleet oath; they betrayed the Federation.
If Picard and La Forge were following an uncompromisingly pacifistic philosophy, they should not have enlisted in the first place - they were not fit to be Starfleet officers.

And Erica Hernandes may have beeen human once; not anymore. Now she is a Caeliar, a transcedental being, part of the rulling class of the universe. So far above "mere humans" that they should start praying to her.
First, I apologise as I know this was directed at Sci, but I must object to the idea that the Trek universe is a darker place thanks to "Destiny". First, trillions of Borg drones have now been liberated from slavery and restored to their individuality, while the newly expanded Caeliar Gestalt is apparently going to travel the universe working for peace. This is surely a good thing. 63 Billion dead is terrible, but trillions more have now gotten their lives back. Second, the Typhon Pact is not necessarily hostile. Only one of the six members has shown itself motivated by hostility so far. Two others have reasonably good relations with the Federation. One has no prior relationship at all. What about six nations joining together in peaceful unity, many discarding xenophobia for the first time, is "dark?". Whether there are negative consequences for the Federation or not, for the Pact nations things are looking up, surely? Anyway, this could be the first step towards the "Pax Galactica" "The Good That Men Do" suggested characterized the 25th century.

As for deadly force when necessary, deadly force does not necessarily equate to "building outlawed genocidal superweapons that will lead to war with the Romulans and Klingons even if it works, and disrespects Data's memory either way". Plus, blowing up Borg ships with transphasic torpedoes is certainly using deadly force- La Forge and Picard both do this.

With all respect, if you are ever (essentially) raped and enslaved, then your oppressors swarm in and begin annihalating your entire civilization, would you want me to label you an "incompetant crybaby" if you break down?

Lastly, Hernandez never suggested anyone should view her as a superior being. In fact, she condemned the Caeliar for their isolationist, dismissive and xenophobic views, if I remember correctly. Yes, she is now a Caeliar- but one who brings a uniquely human understanding into the Gestalt. Human and Caeliar united, the best of both as the Borg were the worst of both.
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