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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls - (SPOILERS)

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Trent, while I understand what you're saying, I thoroughly disagree with some of the values that underlie your evaluation of the trilogy. The Borg invasion didn't constitute failure, because failure implies that there was ever a real possibility of success on the primary characters' own merits. But the Borg have always been so powerful as to render our heroes powerless when faced with power of such magnitude.
It's not only that the characters failed to stop the borg; it's that they didn't even try - that was their failure.

Between Picard's passivity, La Forge's (and others) so-called "moral" arguments, the fact that many personages thought a psychotherapy session was more important than actually trying to save the Federation and the rest of the alpha and beta quadrants and the ending when the situation was saved by "God", I agree with Trent that the "destiny" trilogy betrays the optimism and confidence in one's abilities that used to characterise Star Trek.
"Didn't even try?" ?? What do you mean? 40% of Starfleet was wiped out trying to stop the Borg, to say nothing of the Klingons, Romulans, Talarians, etc. The main characters spent the entire trilogy trying to stop the Borg. Picard was "passive" because he was pretty much having a breakdown, understandable as the Borg are the one thing he cannot face and remain stable; this was established onscreen. He is traumatized, and now facing the imminent annihalation of his civilization and unborn child by that which traumatized him. He's not suddenly incompetent- he's never been fully competent when the Borg are involved, and this is, to repeat myself, an observation from canon. Also, sorry to pick hairs , but La Forge's arguments were moral whether people agree with that morality or not.

The situation was saved, I would suggest, not by "god" but by Erika Hernandez. It was her convincing the Caeliar to be more than what they had become, to find purpose once again by embracing their lost and traumatized children, and help the galaxy rather than hiding away from others, that was the salvation of explored space. I thought it was 100% in keeping with Trek's optimism- and with faith in one's ability to make a difference, united with his/her fellows.
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