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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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An interesting post on the STNG remastering:
Even though the series was edited on video tape care was often taken at that time to reference KeyKode (the film equivalent of timecode) either by retaining this information in the extra timecode bits on the video tape or by transfer logs which match the videotape EDL to the film negatives' KeyKode. This makes finding the shots and re-cutting them quite easy.
Hmm sounds promising no??? Is this quote accurate/reliable?
It was a TV series on a budget and a TV schedule not a feature film. I highly doubt 22 episodes each season had notes that were meticulously kept about the footage and the transfer logs. Nor did they most likely keep the 1" videotapes or 3/4" dubs of a timecode/keycode burn-in window roughcut.
We know Paramount saved the 35mm camera negative from the above post since Michael Okuda confirmed that with Paramount but that is a lot of footage.
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