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Re: Allow Myself to Introduce...Myself


Im a dropout from my university, but I was halfway on the masters-degree before it finaly got to boring. I studied society-planning, a subject that mixes the most boring parts of state-science, sociology, social-antropology, philosophy, and some other stuff into a mix that..... Well, Im not good at lying, so if I should ever try to find a job that my education is relevant for (Apparently, planners are supposed to work within the byraucracy, give guidance to municipal-leaders, and some other areas) and my future employer asks me what I know that is usefull for him or here, the answer will be "nothing"

Perhaps I should have studied something cosmology or physics instead? To bad I stink in math.... Or at least did so in college and high-school. Im thinking about trying again, and see if I can do better this time.

I also sometimes try to write science fiction, but I tend to stop in the midle of the story, probably because I realise that my writing has to many weaknesses.
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