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I lost this this month. 10 pounds. It's a bit too much but I was zealous in the first couple of weeks. (The picture isn't me). Each pic is 5 pounds, 17,500 calories, and I lost two of them!

Switched to nonfat lattes at Starbucks, that's probably my biggest vice. And they taste just as good, it's not like the nonfat crap of old. But also cut the 10pm binges after work, making sure I have time to eat dinner. I haven't been much at the gym this month but I do walk at least 25 minutes daily.

Last year I did daily gym workouts but didn't target those lattes or quit BK, and the weight hovered. It was really frustrating! I came to find out the BK meal was the entire daily allotment of cals, and I was pouring lattes onto it. Just mindless habit.

Wish me luck I hope I can keep it up! I've still got some months to go!
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