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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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If he finds a starship to slingshot around a sun, what exactly should he do to destroy Nero's ship as it comes through the black hole? Somehow convince Starfleet to meet the Narada with a stronger fleet than 47 Klingon warbirds?
Interstingly enough Orci or Kurtzman, which ever one was doing to Q and A at Trekmovie has commented that the warp slingshot around a sun timetravel thing doesn't work in NuTrek.

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Red matter. Or, since he can apparently beam stuff from light-years away and through shields, beam a bomb on board from afar. It doesn't really matter.
All of Spock Prime's red matter slamed into the Narada at the end of the movie and he can'tmake more until 2387 if and thats if the technology is even stillcreated in this timeline, also you still can't beam through shields so that wouldn't work.
Okay, then have an automated ship on autopilot, travelling at warp speed, timed to slam into the Narada at Warp 7 the moment it emerges from the black hole.
And to do that you need the precise position of the Narada and the ship to arrive at the percise time the Narada exits which would be pretty hard to get EXACTLY right, and it would have to be exactly or it wouldn't work.

How it's done is not the point - I'm just saying that the character of Spock (prime) from TOS always seemed to think it was very important to 'restore' a timeline that got messed up, and it would seem out of character for him to do nothing.
Or he could have made peace with the fact that THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL HE COULD PULL IT OFF, and that trying could cause MORE DAMAGE to the timeline instead of fixing it.
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