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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

Hi, I'm Mrs_Whatsit. I've been a Trek fan since the original run of TOS in the 60s, and have faithfully watched and enjoyed every series and movie since then. It's been a huge part of my life; Mr_Whatsit and I bonded over our shared love of Star Trek on our first date, and he even asked me to marry him while we were watching a TNG episode (although neither of us can remember anymore which episode it was).

I loved, loved, LOVED the new movie, and I found this place while trolling the Internet for more information. I've already posted a few times in the Karl Urban-related threads (Dr. McCoy has always been my favorite, and Mr. Urban has revitalized that particular crush in a BIG way ) and a couple of other threads as well, but I thought it was time I said hi to everyone in general. So hello, and thanks to all who have been so friendly and welcoming!
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