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Re: 2009 Fall Book Preview With Covers

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Why is this ENT book any different by being a trade instead of a Mass?
It was originally announced as several MMPBs, IIRC, then switched to a trade, so it should be nice and hefty. Trade paperbacks are the new, trendy, more economical hardcover analogs, aimed at a slightly different market (eg. for gift-giving?).

Pocket Books has dropped the idea of any ST hardcovers for the time being, so books that might have once been hardcovers, such as "Treason", the JJ movie novelization, and "The Romulan War", come out has higher-profile trades instead.

Doing the odd trade means they can come out in addition to the one-MMPB-per-month schedule.

Marco once explained that the royalty on hardcovers (and trades?) was higher, so it's like a little bonus reward to the authors to have their book selected to come out as a larger format book. Plus, the hardcovers have always been reprinted in MMPB, and that gives the author two bites at the royalty cherry. (We don't know yet if the current batch of trades will end up in MMPB, though.)
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