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Re: 2009 Fall Book Preview With Covers

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Margaret described her cover philosophy at Shore Leave last year thusly: For her books, she wants covers that don't obviously look like Star Trek covers, that someone can read on the New York subway and not be embarassed by.
If that is true then she needs to re-think what is embarrasing. I think all but the Vangaurd book would be embarrasing for me to carry on the subway! In fact the word ashamed comes to mind.

Well, TSK is pretty blue swirly with a semi-transparent hand. It doesn't scream ST... you couldn't tell from that (other then ST on the cover) that it is ST...
I'm not sure about the cover myself, cuz I thought the temp one was cool.

Still, if someone ran their mouth over what I was reading on a subway (impossible, there are none here) they'd be told in short order to mind their business... etc.
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