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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

Very glad you liked Spirodopoulos' prayer. Such belief is not common among humans anymore, but to me it seemed very natural to the character.

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Quick question. I read Betrayel some time back. Isn't Berat the fellow who finds himself hiding in the dark corners of DS9?

And I take it Gul Veruul was the jerk who had Sisko and Co. mumbling over and over, "At leat Dukat could be reasoned with...."
Gul Veruul...I'm sure Berat would agree with that description!!!

And yes...Berat is the same guy. At least in the Sigils and Unions continuity--which does accept a slightly retconned version of Betrayal--Berat's rank right before the coup on Cardassia was that of the station's chief engineer, which in my Cardassian rank scheme, put him on equal footing with the station's XO. Which is how I explain Berat being a gul seven years after the DS9 incident.

One thing in the Sigils continuity--I'm sure you've already noticed it, but Berat does get shot again and this time the damage is pretty serious. The difference is he's in a psychologically/emotionally MUCH stronger place. And I really enjoy getting to show that strength that we never really got to see in Betrayal (except towards the very end).

Oh, and in case you're wondering about that, considering the descriptions in the book of how young Berat appeared, in my continuity that's due to the Cardassian lifespan. I actually have a formula for it, to determine the equivalent of a Cardassian's age in human years. So in my version, Berat was actually 38 at the time of Betrayal--but looks like he's 28 because Cardassians don't show their age as quickly, once they reach about 20 years old or so. By the time of The Thirteenth Order, Berat's 44 years old (and still looks like he's 32 1/2 years old).
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