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Re: *Spock/Zachary Quinto Appreciation Zone*

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That wasn't a wig! It was poor ZQ's actual hair with that terrible bowl haircut. LOL. There's quite a few pictures where you can see him trying to hide it by gelling it up and combing it to one side (along with the eyebrows behind thick glasses). There's a picture somewhere with a hat where you can see the razor-sharp bangs hanging down.
Really? Oh, my poor dear boy!

One of my favorite things in TOS/TVH is all the times Spock goes to a planet or a time where he has to hide his identity by covering his ears and eyebrows. It's always amusing to me. It would be awesome if the new series of movies ever incorporates incognito-Spock. Bring back the beanie!
Yep, TVH is when he became my "Uncle Spock" and I remember him tying that strip of his Vulcan robe like some hippie headband.
Don't worry- he's totally cool with the av.
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