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Re: THOR-starts shooting Jan2010: Updates, Rumors & Casting till relea

The scene that has to be in this movie -- or a variation thereof -- is this:

Gun-toting bad guys are trying to take over a hospital or other medical facility. Thor appears (mainly because Don Blake happens to be working there) and dispatches most of the thugs easily. One guy gets the drop on Thor with a big machine gun, snarling something to the effect of "You're tough, big guy, but let's see if you're bulletproof!"

Thor merely stands there, not moving a muscle or uttering a sound. The bystanders are starting to look a little worried; is Thor bulletproof or isn't he? The bad guy is savoring the moment when he notices that lightning is striking all around him and the thunder is starting to get deafening. And Thor still doesn't move -- merely glares at him.

"Y'know what? My bad!" The gun drops.
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