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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

So many questions, I've been away from this thread for a bit... so to try to answer as many as I can as quickly as possible:
AutoCAD R13 does do solid modeling, but the advanced complex curves are not easy to generate. The way I approached that in several cases involved using the edgesurf command, allowing me to use 4 poly-lines to define the shape, generating a 3-d poly-mesh object. It is essentially a 2-d face shaped and adjusted into 3-d space. I then take a 3-d "box" and trim it down, using the poly-mesh planes to define the edge of the solid object. That is how I dealt with some of the difficult complex curves on/around the Photorp deck. The remainder of the neck, I cheated. I defined essentially two separate ellipses, one running up the back of the neck, and one running up the front of the neck. I then joined them together (if you look very closely you can see the fusion line running up near the front of the neck - but not quite all the way to the front of the neck; starting with K-deck (the Photorp Deck is M) and continuing all the way up to the saucer.

"loft" is a foreign concept to me in CAD (although it shouldn't be).

So, here's the latest work on the neck - I still have to fit the Jeffrie's Tube (will run down inside the aft end of the neck), and bore the holes for the turbo-lift; and put in the doors, and fit the docking port, and put in the ladder/stairs in the ladder-well. Also, I need to finish building the structures on H-deck (where it starts to join with the Primary Hull). It might not look like much more than what was there a week ago, but there is quite a bit more work that has been put into the neck.

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