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^ It is true, though, that an awful lot of Trek authors either are only published in Trek or are only published in Trek and other tie-in properties. David Mack's first original novel is only now coming out (...)
This is true, but I had other credentials coming into the process. First, by the time I got the go-ahead to write my first solo work of Star Trek fiction, I had 10 years of professional experience as an editor and as a freelance writer of nonfiction articles for magazines and newspapers; I had co-written two produced episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; I had spent six years working as a freelance slush reader and uncredited reference-material writer for Pocket Books; and I had worked on a number of Star Trek CD-ROM and computer games. My ratio of Star Trek-specific experience to general writing experience was about 1:1.

Also, my résumé tends to be the exception rather than the rule in these matters...
Fair enough

And I am, of course, eagerly awaiting The Calling. Though, speaking of which, I think this is a long shot but do you have any idea if they're planning an eBook version? Amazon doesn't list one yet.

(Sorry for running off-topic...)
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