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Allright, I'm checkin' in! Although unlike RAMA, I will not be appearing in the next Conan film.

I've been under Doctor's orders to get with it since last winter. Blood pressure has crept into pre-hypertension, and this is it. Get it down naturally, or pop pills the rest of my life. I'm 34, and have a very scary genetic tree in this regard.
I began with eating better, eliminating disgusting evil diet soda and all sodas in general (except as a treat here and there - not in the fridge).
I have not yet got into an exercise regimen, and the blood pressure reflects that. But last weekend, I worked a festival for the first time, putting in up to 20-hour days, and going up and down a formidable (for me) hill many times a day. In a few days, I got more of my wind back than I would have expected.
I have lost 20# - I am 6' even and 240# down from 260#. Still a fat bastard for sure.
But now that I've got my wind, and some motivation and energy, it's time to do this thing!

I believe strongly that a key component is mental health/spirituality. Just a short meditation twice a day, and my energy is much, much better. It's amazing really.
I will either join a standard gym, or go back to the Dojo I used to study in. The Dojo is of course much more expensive, and the class times are ridgid as opposed to gym hours. I can only afford to do one or the other.

I'll post when I've decided which way to go - either way, signing up tomorrow. Procrastination is BS. I know I can workout on my own, in theory, but it's just not happening. Having that separate location worked for me previously.

(And yes, cutting out, ahem, smoking, is a component also. Compulsive, excessive smoking, has just been stupid, and its just not cool anymore to be that far out all the time. For anyone else with smoking and/or tobacco problems, I also highly recommend looking into the Magic Flight vaporizer. There's no reason to breathe in all the horrible crap that results from combustion.)
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