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Re: Borg vs kenetic weapons

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But the beam-in WMD was never said to be impossible in Trek so one couldn't rule it out.
Didn't Voyager beam a photon torpedo into a Borg cuboid/rectangle/interceptor?

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I curious, what is it about Robau that makes people think he is such a bad ass? I got the impression he was just another Starfleet captain.
I think it goes something like this:
-Your ship just got it's arse handed to it by an unknown vessel ten times longer, wider, and with weapons that you can't resist.
-You yourself are ordered to go aboard the ship alone, unarmed in a shuttle, so you get a nice ride of seeing up close how big said ship is.
-Your surrounded by a horde of angry looking Romulans, demanding questions of you.

Most people's reaction to said situation would probably be pissing oneself, the average Trek captain we've seen before maybe fares a little better. Apart from an elevated heart beat reading, we don't see Robau bat an eyelid. Not only does he calmly answer a few questions, but also demands to know

The fact that no 'minor' Star Trek captain has been shown to have that kind of ballsiness is why he is known as a badass.
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