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Hey, while we're at it, why not make it open to all, like SNW?

Would be a nice opportunity to open a door for the aspiring folks, who wanna start their writing careers with Trek....
SNW wasn't a particularly ideal model. It lost money and it was complex and difficult to make it happen. Also it was a contest, so it had restrictions that prohibited authors outside the US from contributing, so it wasn't really "open to all."

The basic submission process for Trek novels already is open to all, and I'm fairly certain you've had that explained to you before on this very forum. As for the Trek anthologies, they're generally by editorial invitation like most anthologies, but they've occasionally included first-time authors who managed to get the editors' attention.

And if you really want to start a writing career, then you shouldn't try to start it with Trek. You're better off trying to sell original fiction. If a Trek proposal gets rejected by Pocket, you can't do anything else with it (unless you can rework it into a comic book and get IDW or TokyoPop interested). But with an original story, you can just submit it to a different market and keep on trying. So your chances are better. Also, the broader your portfolio, the better it'll be for your career.
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