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Me too. The only problem with them is that they'd probably be back to planet of the week type stories, although it could be kinda fun to get smaller single missions between all of the big stories that the movies will probably do.
What's wrong with "planet of the week" stories? That's Star Trek's bread-and-butter.
Actually nothing. When I switched over to "although it could be kinda fun" I was changing my mind mid post. I just didn't feel like erasing the other part.
Personally, I'd like to see more of that -- in both the 23rd-century and the 24th-century. If anthologies sold better, that would be the ideal format. Imagine a book called something like Star Trek: 2381 that told the smaller-scale, episode-like stories in the post-Destiny timeframe, using characters from all the series. Here's a Titan story, here's an Enterprise story, here's an Aventine story. Let the novels do the big, epic, earth-shattering. movie-scale stuff, and if you want to dip your toes in for a day-in-the-life, boldly-going type story, then the anthology is your bag.

That's what I'd do. We've had big and bold and epic for so long, something smaller scale would be a nice change of pace.
That would be really fun.
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