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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Juggernaut (**)

TUVOK: Thirty seven escape pods.
PARIS: They're contaminated with theta radiation.
JANEWAY: Possibly.
Highly unlikely, it shouldn't have been in Chakotay's mind at all considering the fact that Voyager jumped 30,000 light-years since the last time they encountered the Malon. In fact, in their current position they're just as likely to encounter the Romulans as they are the Malon, probably moreso considering how much more advanced the Romulans seem to be. Voyager could not possibly encounter the Malon out here.

TUVOK: Theta radiation has affected a radius of six hundred million kilometres.
JANEWAY: Source?
TUVOK: A Malon freighter travelling at high impulse. It appears to be abandoned.

Clearly the writers didn't bother paying any attention to the events happening on their show, not even big event episodes like Timeless and Dark Frontier. And it's not a production glitch either, this episode appears to have aired in the correct order.

This is another episode which falls in the "meh" category for me, it's not bad and there is some interesting atmosphere built up on the Malon freighter, but I just didn't find it that interesting. B'Elanna has anger issues? Been there, done that. It feels like the same problem Harry Kim has, no matter what happens in an episode he will always revert back to being the naive ensign, well it seems that B'Elanna will always revert back to being angry B'Elanna. As for the "monster" on the Malon ship, there was no point in hiding the fact that it was a Malon who had been exposed to the radiation because that was obvious.

There's a good episode in here somewhere, but as is it has character and continuity problems.
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