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Re: Transformers: Revenge of the Racial Caricatures

He couldn't read, had the I.Q. of pocket lint and tipped "cows" for fun. So yes, double standerd still stands.
The further we hurl into the 21st Century, the more it can be said to be a double standard.

The origins are clear though. The stereotypes targeted differ in this respect: unflattering stereotypes about African-Americans were used to reinforce negative ideas about an entire race from the majority who held the social/economic power, came in little contact with them and viewed blacks a monolithic whole. This in turn played out into real life to become harmful to individuals of that race based on views held about them from these constantly reinforced negative portrayals.

Unflattering stereotypes about whites were a comment on a specific subsection, or individual, but was never used to make assumptions about the group as a whole. The white majority never viewed themselves as all the same.

So, the question is: are we far enough along and sophisticated enough to understand that negative portrayals of a religion/race/ethnic group is not a comment on the whole?

If the answer is yes, then no harm done by these portrayals.

If the answer is no, then people becoming upset is to be understood*.

*this is assuming there is anything offensive about them in the first place. I have not seen them, so I can not comment.
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