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Re: Isabel Lucas: Genre babe of the week #27 (June 2009)

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Hint for the next GBOW (no direct answers):

Several years ago, people were saying she was the clone of this actress: . But these days, neither one of them looks like that anymore.
Got it. Didn't realize until I double-checked that she was actually in a recently-opened movie, so now I see why the choice makes sense. Hmmm... I might go with up; I'll have to see what the pics do for me. At any rate, I certainly find her more attractive than Helen Hunt!

And as for Isabel Lucas -- ouch! I had a feeling she wasn't going to fare too well in the poll. It's probably her skinniness that's turning off most people... I have to admit, it almost pushed me into a thumbs sideways. I guess we can safely write her off as a non-contender for the finals.
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