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Re: Chloe Sullivan Should Be Introduced in Superman Secret Orign

The real question is this: how many times do I need to read the origin of Superman? I used to be a huge Superman fan, so much so that I have a Superman tattoo (based on the 80's Superman: Man of Steel re-launch with, I feel, the best version of Luthor), and now I don't read the book at all. Primarily, it's because every 2 or 3 years, they re-launch him. Originally, version 1 lasted about 20 years, then was re-done in the 50's with Superboy and the comics code and all of that, and then re-done another 30 years later with the 80's rewrite, and now it's literally every 2 or 3 years that they change around his story, from Birthright to whatever the last one was to this new one. That was 90% of the frustration with Superman (and DC in general), the remaining 10% was Crisis after Crisis after Crisis.
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