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Re: 2009 Fall Book Preview With Covers

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It probably would be a small market. But, there is a such thing as print-on-demand for art prints, just one at a time as people order them. Sites like deviantART or cafepress provide a venue. Now, I bet the publisher could do it a little better than that, but they could also work with one of those sources or something similar, as a way to get it done.
Stephan Martinere is an artist of Trek covers. He did the cover for Sky's the limit which is a very beautiful cover. I loved it that I contacted him directly and asked if it was available to purchase and he linked me to his site.

He's got a lot of neat stuff there for purchasing and the prices vary depending on the work.

On a side note: Where is the cover link to the NES?

Trekmovie might have a larger size.
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