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Re: Marvel release dates: Thor and The Avengers delayed a year

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Captain America is only a camp character if he's written that way. True, that tends to be the portrayal usually associated with the character, but one can look to the Ultimate line for an example of the perils that come with such naiveté and nationalist attachment. And while this film will, by all indications, take place mostly if not entirely in the WWII period, an Avengers movie can reduce or outright eliminate any camp factor with a more realistic, nuanced portrayal of a man experiencing the culture shock of seventy years' worth of social progress. (I'd love to see a scene such as this in an Avengers film: Cap challenges Fury about the ethics of some action saying it goes against his principles, or else questions whether the present [which would seem very loose and immoral from his perspective] is worth defending; Fury responds by telling him, in brief, about "Truth" and all the black men who were involuntarily experimented upon so that he could be created; the look on Steve Rogers' face as he is forced to confront the ugly side to his own idealistic existence).

Fictitiously yours, Trent Roman
If they do ANYTHING with "Ultimate Cap" or the Truth story, I will have nothing to do with either the Cap solo OR the Avengers that is based on it.

I'm SICK of seeing Cap "deconsructed" (ie torn down and rendered ignoble) for the jaded, so-called sensitivities of the modern audience.
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