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Re: Alternate Timeline: Things I Don't Think People Understand

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Where is the suspense, the emotional investment, the importance in multiple timelines? You're not in your universe and nothing you do will change a thing that happens there. You're totally somewhen else and will never get back. Okay Nero is a man obsessed with revenge and he doesn't care that he's not at home any more he still gets to kill some Vulcans. His motive doesn't change. Spock didn't go willingly back in time and he'll still do what he can to prevent mass murder. But here's me saying, "You're telling me I have an escape clause to ignore this movie if I want, that I can choose not to accept it as some form of canon and discard its events as irrelevant to my beloved history"? Stupid writer right there who removes any stakes he might have created. It doesn't matter anyway because Orci is functionally wrong.

Here's why:
We will never again, (how much you wanna bet?) EVER (how much??) see another movie or series set in the old universe. "Prime" now exists solely in the imagination of the fanboy. A good place for it too since there are many imaginitive people here alone.

However you want to add it up, Prime is gone and Nu is here to stay.

PS QM justifications for multiple realities is such a stretch, really. Quantum particles don't care when or where they are or where they're going, and according to Heisenberg, particles only have the potential to be different(=alternate) until we observe them anyhow and then they're real and they're here.

Done my rant. Don't expect I'll change anyone's mind and please, don't try to change mine. I choose to care about Nu instead.
That was AWESOME! NuTrek FTW!
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