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Re: 2009 Fall Book Preview With Covers

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I'm curious about Precipice since I'm reading Summon the Thunder at the moment, after reading what the linked site said about it... it's like..."what happened...?"


Soon I'll get to find out!
It's worse for me - I usually read in as close to chronological order as possible and mostly wait until my next run to read any new books (the recent trend towards more connected novels has made me rethink this policy in the novels set in the 24th century, though). I'm getting close to them, but I've still only read the FIRST Vanguard novel.

On the topic of the covers, I've got to say, they do feel fairly... underwhelming. I can understand the reasoning, but I'm going to have to agree to disagree here - specifically, I disagree with the idea that there is some kind of embarrassment with reading a Star Trek novel - a novel based on a TV show that is still watched and loved by fans both long-term and recent after forty plus years? I've proudly read my novels in plain sight from age nine, and have never once been mocked for it.

Synthesis' cover is especially visually unappealing to me - to my eye, the cover resembles a romance novel more than a sci-fi novel. Given that I'm a twenty-one year old male, THAT would be embarrassing for me to be seen reading, far more than reading a Star Trek book ever would.

However, I guess I'm somewhat in the minority in that I don't think the 'Unworthy' cover doesn't look all that bad. It actually makes me think of the opening credits of Voyager. That one and Vanguard look really nice.

I agree with the comments on T'Pol's head and face looking very odd, though. I also think there's something wrong with Archer's face. Not sure what exactly, but something just looks... off.

Marlena's face also looks to be lighted different than her body. Am I alone in that I kinda liked the full body shot of the two from the stand-in cover more than the close ups? Though I would also like to see something a little more evident that this is the mirror universe than just the title and the bearded Spock - maybe a Terran Empire symbol or something?
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