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Chloe Sullivan Should Be Introduced in Superman Secret Orign

Yes...I know this is like my third or fourth thread on Chloe being included in the DCU but I'm a little pissed that it hasn't happened. I know of two previous attempts (half hearted on DC's part IMO) to include Chloe, the first was prior to Infinite Crisis and the other was during Kurt Busiek's run on Action Comics. Chloe was going to be Lois's younger cousin visiting from Smallville and who didn't know Clark growing up, a change for the comics that I wouldn't mind if it had happened. Busiek had an interview saying that story demands or something like that made it difficult for it to happen so she was scrapped again.

Now a few years later we have Geoff Johns Superman Secret Origin, another attempt at rebooting or retconning Superman's past and a perfect opportunity to include Chloe. I think since the series is suppossed to focus on a young Clark Kent and his time in Smallville (wait, I think I've heard that line somewhere else before....can't quite recall) and Johns seems to have done wonders at smoothing all the kinks out of Clark's past including putting him back with the Legion of Superheroes I just don't see why Chloe can't be included in this. It doesn't have to be TV Chloe, I'm fine with the concept that was proposed by Busiek...does anyone know why DC has failed to include her in the comics or do they think there isn't a demand for her? She's one of the best things about Smallville...I believe that they retconned Lionel Luthor in as Lex's father.
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