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Re: FARSCAPE returning to DVD!!!

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As you all may know, Farscape, along with Andromeda, were products of ADV Films that were released in multi-volume sets for each season. A very inefficient way of releasing TV shows on DVD. Not to mention that ADV had a terrible knack of having bad Q&C by putting out product with bad discs. It seemed liek they had a stack of specific discs to use for a certain specific disc in a set and when the whole stack was bad, every copy of that volume had a bad disc in it. (I exchanged Andromeda v4.3 at least 4 times before I got a good disc out of a butchered Complete Series set when I called ADV directly.)

Anyway, according to TVShowsOnDVD is now reporting that A&E (a division of the History Channel) has picked up the rights to the show for its 10th Anniversary. It will be releasing individual complete season sets as well as a Complete Series set, in November.

This is great, as I never did get a good Disc 2 for the Vol. 2.3 of the Starburst set. So I'm thinking that I may splurge for the full series set. For the possibility to save some shelf space if nothing else.
I will be VERY interested to see what the price breakdown is here, as well as what extras there might be on them. I'd really like to replace my S1 set, as they are those annoying dual-sided discs which Harvey has already alluded to. Heck, it might be worth it jsut to get single-sided regardless of the extras..
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