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Re: The Master and The War Chief - Why can't they be the same guy?

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The War Chief was destroyed by the Time Lords. I see no way he could have been the Master.
This is clearly evidence in favor of him being The Master. Remember Planet of Fire? Being killed and showing up later is The Master's MO.
Not when he first showed up.

If they were the same guy, the Time Lord who warned Doctor #3 about the Master being on Earth would have mentioned it.
I don't see why this MUST be true. If the Doctor already knew who the Master was, why would he have to specifically mention that he was the War Chief too?
Since the War Chief was directly tied to the events resulting in the Doctor's exile on Earth it only makes sense that he or the Doctor would have mentioned the connection at some point.

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I think the bloke in the suit called the master "an old friend of yours".
The Doctor and the War Chief were never old friends.
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