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Re: Official Blurb for The Soul Key

^ According to my dad's car's thermometer... which is sometimes off, it was 19C today. Which is because it hasn't stopped raining since I got back from apparently leaving all the good weather across the pond.

But recently it's been in the 30Cs plus super humid so... blah!

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well my vista weather gadget is saying that it's 28 degrees out. Admittedly this may be cool for some parts of the world, but here in Blighty, it's like hells inferno itself.
Is it humid? If not, it sounds wonderful and I'm coming back over to mooch!!

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Wow, Marie, what's the deal with that graphic? Not exactly nice... :-/
I believe the kid is drumming? Well, air drumming? But when you speed it up like that, it seriously looks like he's as excited as I feel. I kid you not (no pun intended). I stole it- it's an animated bumper sticker from Facebook. One of the least offensive, TBH.

OT- I'm crazy pumped for this book!!!! I'm not totally bent on ending this arc or whatever, but I'm not sorry that it will- I really want to know what's going on after the Dominion Worlds story. But I do what to know what's going to happen in this and TN-ES. A lot. I'm thinking of preordering them, I've never done it...
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