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FARSCAPE returning to DVD!!!

As you all may know, Farscape, along with Andromeda, were products of ADV Films that were released in multi-volume sets for each season. A very inefficient way of releasing TV shows on DVD. Not to mention that ADV had a terrible knack of having bad Q&C by putting out product with bad discs. It seemed liek they had a stack of specific discs to use for a certain specific disc in a set and when the whole stack was bad, every copy of that volume had a bad disc in it. (I exchanged Andromeda v4.3 at least 4 times before I got a good disc out of a butchered Complete Series set when I called ADV directly.)

Anyway, according to TVShowsOnDVD is now reporting that A&E (a division of the History Channel) has picked up the rights to the show for its 10th Anniversary. It will be releasing individual complete season sets as well as a Complete Series set, in November.

This is great, as I never did get a good Disc 2 for the Vol. 2.3 of the Starburst set. So I'm thinking that I may splurge for the full series set. For the possibility to save some shelf space if nothing else.
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