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Re: Official Blurb for The Soul Key

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^ For the record, I don't look like that. At all.

It is being used solely to express my excitement.

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That is very hypnotic and with this heat, I may fall sleep watching this.
Haha!! Get your rest so you can read SK & TN-ES without stopping... except between them... umm... okay, maybe one at a time...

Wait a minute! You're in England! What are you calling "heat" atm?
well my vista weather gadget is saying that it's 28 degrees out. Admittedly this may be cool for some parts of the world, but here in Blighty, it's like hells inferno itself.
Oooh, that sounds like a nice cool spring day here. According to my weather channel desktop it is now 98F/37C, and a couple days ago it was up to 110F/43C.
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