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Re: Favorite alien race

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No, Vulcans.

Romulans! Rihannsu ones especially, not the TNG garbage.

But what about those Vulcans?

Romulans, I say!

Vulcans. The TOS variety (amazing how TNG and beyond did such a $*#@ job with both Vulcans and Romulans.)

Oh, what can I say. The pointy-ears, smarts and passion of both races get me every time.


(But definitely not those bikers of the galaxy, the over-used and overrated Klingons.)
Oh, T'Bonz! I would back you up if we were ever at a con together, I'm 5'11".

Yes, well, after a lot of thought and deep consideration...

My fave race: Vulcans

My fave "villains" Romulans/Rihannsu

Not terribly original, but I've felt this way for 40 years and I'm too damned old to change.

I wish there was more Vulcan?Romulan language around. I have no desire to learn Klingon.
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